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I grew up in a small Texas town located halfway between San Antonio and the Mexican border. After graduating high school, I moved away for college and work.  After college I  joined the U.S. Border Patrol and made a career out of it before retiring early.  I wasn't quite through working, so I spent the next few years as a consultant on internationl border issues and anti-terrorism, working in places like Eastern Europe, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pan Pacific.


 I read different genres, and my writing is the same way.  Sort of makes sense, right?  In addition to the Hunter Kincaid Mysteries and the Ronny Baca Mysteries, I am working on two westerns, the first book in a series for the 10-15 year olds, and a fantasy series.  In between all that,  I'm co-writing a Steampunk series with fellow writer George Wier, and I'm writing screenplays.  Whew! I better get back to work!





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