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A Hunter Kincaid Mystery  (Book 1)

ISBN-10: 1489561544

ISBN-13: 978-1489561541



A sadistic killer roams the shadow world of undocumented aliens, and the first glimpse law enforcement has of him is when tough, determined female Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid watches through binoculars as the killer shoots his own partner for being too slow, then crosses the Rio Grande into Mexico


Two thousand miles away, South Florida Homicide Detectives John Quick and Randall Ishtee investigate the machete murder of an undocumented female, and a slender thread of evidence stretches all the way to West Texas.


John and Randall join forces with Hunter to track down the monster.  What they don’t know is that the killer is aware, and his focus is now on them, like a Great White speeding toward three unsuspecting swimmers.




A Hunter Kincaid Mystery  (Book 2)

ISBN-10: 1494231433

ISBN-13: 978-1494231439



Less than ten days before the start of her civil trial for shooting drug smuggler Julian Garcia, known as El Lobo, the U.S. Government assigns Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid a new defense attorney.  To top things off, Hunter’s brother will be the prosecuting attorney.  The last thing she needs is something more on her plate.


But when she apprehends and returns to Mexico a remarkable fourteen year old orphan named Anda Tumecas, priorities change.  Hunter crosses the border into Mexico to check on Anda, and finds the orphan in peril, pursued by a number of very bad men.


As Anda weaves a desperate trail to throw off her pursuers, she leads them, and Hunter, to the most dangerous place on the border.   It is a lawless Mexican village of raw adobe buildings and dirt streets, whose residents are Chihuahua’s worst criminals and sociopaths.  The gun and knife are judge and jury here.  It is the place called Outlaw Road.





A Hunter Kincaid Mystery  (Book 3)

ISBN-10: 1507861001

ISBN-13: 978-1507861004


A man falls from a clear sky, an undocumented alien who witnessed the falling man is shot for no reason, a rancher’s house is burned to the ground, and a watch is found that contains a hidden camera with dozens of mysterious images. Whatever this is, it has Hunter Kincaid’s attention.


Rancher Sam Kinney and his friend, Miguel Luna provide Hunter with initial clues. A novelist with former ties to the NSA uses her talents to discover additional – and much more disturbing information. Cryptic messages point to a potential terrorist attack. She tells Hunter of a name: Asadullah, The Lion of Allah, the same man tied to attacks in Mumbai and the Boston Marathon Bombings.


CISEN, Mexico’s CIA-like Agency, has an operative in Ojinaga, and he and Hunter agree to help each other with information.  More details come to light as violence increases on both sides of the border. Asadullah sets the plan in motion for his masterpiece: an attack that will kill thousands on both sides of the Rio Bravo.


Only Hunter and her odd assortment of allies stand in the way of the Lion of Allah, and it appears they are already too late…  




A Hunter Kincaid Mystery  (Book 4)

ISBN-10: 1522747788

ISBN-13: 978-1522747789


Hunter Kincaid's South Florida vacation is cut short when she and friends John Quick and Randall Ishtee barely avoid being rammed by a rusty freighter filled with undocumented Haitians. Hunter sees the ship's Captain leave the vessel and she gives chase. He stops before getting in a car and looks at her. His eyes are like bullet holes.


She is assigned on detail to Florida to investigate. Things quickly go wrong when the first witness dies in front of Hunter, and Haitians say it is a voudou curse put on her by a terrible Bokor, a sorcerer. The trail Hunter follows grows more eerie as other mutilated bodies are found, murdered in voudou rituals. John and Randall join in the investigation when more disturbing evidence is found. And something else is whispered in Little Haiti: the disbanded Haitian police, the dreaded Tonton Macoute, are secretly in Florida, and they are involved.


As a looming hurricane approaches, Hunter, John, and Randall become enmeshed in a series of violent events that batter them like the powerful winds now coming ashore. The trio soon find themselves fighting for survival in a world of storms, black magic, and the darkest places in the human heart.





A Hunter Kincaid Mystery  (Book 5)

ISBN-10:  1548537454

When a black helicopter lands beside Hunter Kincaid at the border murder scene of a CIA Agent, and billionaire Presidential Advisor Lincoln Jones verbally clashes with her, she should have known things would go awry. The female Border Patrol Agent is drawn into a whirlwind of armed drones, cartel violence, Top Secret CIA missions, treachery, and an international terrorist who surfaces after twenty years of hiding, intent on destruction. As the situation becomes increasingly intense and violence escalates, Hunter receives unexpected help from three teenage boys and a former nemesis. The efforts are partially successful, but also put Hunter in the crosshairs. Five Sinaloa sicarios are coming for her with one mission: Hunt down Kincaid and end her.


Degüello_eBook-2 (1).jpg


A Hunter Kincaid Mystery   (Book 6)

  • ISBN-10: 9781522747789

  • ISBN-13: 978-1522747789

Kidnappers are snatching children off the streets in the Mexican Border town of Ciudad Acuña, just across the river from Del Rio, Texas. They are fast, professional, and disappear with the children in seconds. Hunter encounters two of them, and she gets the six-year old girl back, but the kidnappers escape. Ruthless Cartel leader Solomon Chapa is the child’s father, and he blames Hunter for the kidnapping. Ramona Chapa, the mother, does not. Another mother heard about the rescue and asks Hunter to find her eleven-year old daughter, Kelly, who was taken the day before. The trail is lukewarm, but Hunter follows it anyway. 
When Ramona’s daughter is taken again, she asks for Hunter’s help. Solomon’s former bodyguard, Ike, goes with her. They follow a serpentine trail to San Angelo and beyond to an isolated ranch. When Hunter and Ike get too close, the kidnappers double back into Mexico, where they turn the tables. Hunter trails the kidnappers to a walled hacienda in the desert where they wait for her. The bad men call to Hunter and tell her to surrender, that they are ready to kill all ten children, and for emphasis they murder a young girl. 
Hunter has no choice but to go in and face the kidnappers in a desperate move that will be the most dangerous thing Kincaid has ever attempted. Sorely outgunned and outmanned, but to save the captives, Hunter puts a desperate plan into motion, and what follows is a storm of smoke, fire, and blood, and who will survive is anyone’s guess.

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The Devil's Footprints

A Hunter Kincaid Short Story

There are tracks coming out of the Rio Grande that make Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid shiver like she stepped into a cold wind. Nothing human made them, and nothing animal, either. Hunter follows the imprints through miles of rough country, only to have them abruptly disappear in the middle of a level, sandy clearing. Her Border Patrol partner, Raymond Flores, says they may be the Devil's Footprints, where the Devil roams the Rio Grande border in darkness, stealing people's souls. Devil or not, the two Agents don't plan to give up hunting it. Hunter and Raymond hide by the river that night, and when the moon is covered by dark clouds, they hear it, then see it -- and their hearts turn to ice.

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A Hunter Kincaid Mystery    (Book 7)

   ISBN-10: 1652304290

   ISBN-13: 978-1652304296

Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid finds a small bone, the end joint of a young boy’s little finger adjacent to a car trunk filled with decomposing bodies, and the discovery starts a chain of events centering around murders, untold millions, a racist rancher, and the boy with the missing fingertip. Hunter locates and befriends the boy, Adan, in Mexico, and they immediately find dangerous men are hunting them. The criminals are led by a stone-cold killer named Ellis, who wants the boy done away with before anyone can discover the kid’s secret. With Hunter as Adan’s friend, they evade gunmen, escape traps, and make a desperate escape for the Texas border. But the men are on their trail and closing fast, and Ellis is confident he can end both their lives before Adan talks. What Ellis and the other killers don’t count on, is Hunter and a few of her friends deciding different.


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